Alberto Ferrante Photography

About Me

I've been into photography since I was 10 or so. At that time I started asking for a real camera and at the age of 12 I finally got my first SLR (a fully manual analog camera, of course!). Though, after some years I almost abandoned this hobby and I started shooting photos just occasionally.
A couple years ago I decided to buy my first digital SLR and I re-started enjoining photography. Over the years I understood that in photography there is more than just technicality and now I am approaching it in a completely different way than in the past.
I mainly like shooting things that have human beings as subjects, mostly portraits, concert photos, sports, and different kinds of events.

I decided to create this website to show some of my works. I hope you will enjoy it!
I really appreciate receiving feedbacks (both positive and negative): feel free to contact me and let me know what you think!